Episode 8

Published on:

26th Aug 2019

Finances and the Bible with Brennan Falks

In this episode of Truthspresso I have my first guest: Brennan Falks. Brennan is a financial planner in Dave Ramsey's recommended list.

Topics that we discussed include the following:

  1. Does the Bible teach that Christians should not worry about finances because of faith?
  2. What are the most common financial struggles that people face that can easily be solved?
  3. What are some safe investment moves and what are some pitfalls to avoid?
  4. How can parents train their children to think about finances?
  5. How can college students avoid unnecessary financial difficulties?
  6. How do we avoid difficulties during economic booms and busts?

Brennan Falks' website is Under 1 Love.


*(Note: I do not endorse the content on the website that is related to "Hebrew Roots" theology)

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