Episode 10

Dark Humor in the Bible

Prepare to be simultaneously shocked and entertained as we look at some examples of dark humor in the Bible. How many sermons have we heard tackling these rather unsettling portions of Scripture with a little embarrassment or cringing? Since the Word of God is pure and holy, we have to understand that God has a side to Him that can require some thick skin on our part.

Put on your seat belts and try to be amused with these six stories (with dark humor titles):

  1. Quail Fail (Num 11:10-20)
  2. Left-handed and under-handed (Jud 3:14-25)
  3. What's the point? (Jdg 4:1-24)
  4. The supply and demand of madmen (1Sa 21:10-15)
  5. The false god who needs a potty break (1Ki 18:20-39)
  6. The king is dead, long die the king! (2Ch 21:1-20)


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