Episode 40

BONUS: Equal Pay Day 2020

Yes, this is a bonus episode: two episodes for the price of one week here on Truthspresso!

Today, March 31, 2020 is officially "Equal Pay Day." This is the date selected for the year when women allegedly have to work extra to match the wages that their male counterparts earned through December last year. So, the average woman working "full time" earns about 80% of what the average man working "full time" earns.

We've dealt with this topic months ago on Truthspresso, but let's celebrate the day by giving this topic a fresh look.

Disaggregating the statistics, we note that differences in total hours worked, career choices, and the roles involved in pregnancy and caring for children contribute to this "gender wage gap."

What happens if the government forces some form of "equality" with these aggregate statistics of averages? Would women gain or would they and the economy lose?


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