Episode 70

The Incredible Shrinking Humanity

After seeing that some people sympathize with Thanos against the Marvel Avengers for the fate of the universe, we look at another model of population growth trends that is becoming more mainstream.

The Demographic Transition Model (DTM) provides four to six stages of population growth to show how it naturally levels off after spiking. This model correlates statistics about birth rates, death rates, and technology advances throughout several centuries and observes countries of the world at various stages.

There is no need for alarm. The population naturally takes care of its own growth. The real problem for a people is rejecting the design of their Creator.

Sources Referenced:

"The Demographic Transition Model (DTM)"

Keith Montgomery, Department of Geography and Geology, UWC, "THE DEMOGRAPHIC TRANSITION"

Scriptures Referenced:

Hebrews 13:4

Jeremiah 18:7-10


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