Episode 86

Is Jesus Like Iron Man?

We are continuing a series of episodes comparing Jesus to superheroes. This series will tackle wrong ideas about Jesus from church history in chronological order. A superhero will represent each of these ideas.

Is Jesus Like Iron Man?

How are Jesus and Iron Man (Tony Stark) similar?

  1. They are both fully human.
  2. They are both highly intelligent.
  3. They both sacrificed the wealth they have to save the world.

How are Jesus and Iron Man different?

  1. Iron Man is a human person driving a super ("divine") suit.
  2. Jesus is a divine person driving a human suit...or, wait...is that right?

Who was Apollinaris the Younger and what is Apollinarianism?

  1. Apollinaris let his philosophy define his theology.
  2. Apollinaris fought Arianism so hard that he sacrificed the full humanity of Jesus.
  3. He basically believed that Jesus was "God in a bod"--that Jesus replaced the rational mind of his human nature with His own divine Logos.

Who were the Cappadocian fathers?

  1. Basil of Caesarea
  2. Gregory of Nyssa
  3. Gregory of Nazianzus

How did Gregory of Nazianzus argue against Apollinarianism?

  1. "What is not assumed is not healed"
  2. Assuming a human rational soul does not subject Jesus to corruption any more than a body would.
  3. Jesus is not "man" or the "Son of Man" if He didn't take on the whole human nature.

Are there problems with apologist William Lane Craig's "neo-Apollinarianism"?

Sources Cited:

Early Church Texts, "Gregory of Nazianzus - Critique of Apollinarius and Apollinarianism"

Reasonable Faith, "Does Dr. Craig Have an Orthodox Christology?"

Scriptures Referenced:

2 Corinthians 8:9

Hebrews 2:6-9, 17


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