Episode 120

Boosters, Pineapples, and Heartbeats

My wife Chelsea and I cover a hodgepodge of three recent news events:

  1. Boosters: Two officials leave the FDA because of undue pressure from the Biden administration to rubber stamp "booster" shots of the Pfizer vaccine for children under 12 by September 20.
  2. Pineapples: Despite the President's tragic withdrawal strategy from Afghanistan, a volunteer military veteran task force carried out "Operation Pineapple Express" to rescue over 630 Afghans targeted by the Taliban.
  3. Heartbeats: The Texas "heartbeat" law went into effect September 1, and abortion activists are treating it as political Armageddon.

Chelsea and I observe the common thread of "courage" in these three situations for those who stand up for truth against enemies of life.

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Scripture Cited:

Joshua 1:7

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