Episode 130

The Vax Vex Vortex

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More commentary and jab jabs for the week! I talk about two different articles that unintentionally clash with each other. That kind of stormy weather can create a vax vex vortex!

First, NBA coaches fear that a few players refusing the jab are a health risk. A trainer complained that he could spread the virus from a player to his vulnerable family. His statement, of course, raises the same questions that many are asking about why such a medical procedure is necessary for everyone if it doesn't definitely work for anyone.

Second, some antiviral drugs are in the works as treatments for the virus. They would be available in pill form and are currently in clinical trials. But some challenges remain for these clinical trials: participants must be jab-free and recently tested positive. Many who happen to fit the criteria are being contacted for the clinical trials and are refusing. I wonder why! If these pills are another potential option in the medical arsenal, wouldn't we need a large enough pool of jab-free citizens from which to draw a decent sample of willing participants? Perhaps there is a use for jab-free people after all! That is, if a certain guy in the White House can show a little more patience for these patients.

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