Episode 137

How to Talk to Jehovah's Witnesses

This is the second of my two guest appearances on the Basic Bible Podcast with Kevin Thompson.

We talked about my 2021 book When the Watchtower Knocks: Discussing an Encounter with Jehovah's Witnesses that I coauthored with my brother John.

Our book narrates John's encounter with Jehovah's Witnesses as we give our commentary. I share with Kevin how I got into apologetics and my thoughts on how to control a conversation with Jehovah's Witnesses. We talk about how the Jesus that Jehovah's Witnesses serve cannot save them.

Check out the Basic Bible Podcast with Kevin Thompson

Original interview: Basic Bible Podcast Episode 188 - When the Watchtower Knocks

Also, snag a copy of our book When the Watchtower Knocks: Discussing an Encounter with Jehovah's Witnesses: Paperback or Kindle.

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