Episode 183

Pride Month's War on Children

Note: This episode contains subject matter that may not be suitable for young children. We made our best effort to keep the information non-descriptive.

"Pride Month" has become a sacred cow of secular religion. Children are increasingly targeted for grooming.

The recent "Drag the Kids to Pride" event in Dallas, Texas demonstrated this as parents forced their young children to watch "drag queens" dance for money.

The kids didn't want to be there for their parents' secular ritual.

Commentators Alex Stein and John Doyle went there to report, chat, and preach. They revealed things the mainstream media ignored.

As Christians we must be bold about the truth that the Bible clearly condemns "pride" and the goals of "Pride Month." We must be vigilant to protect our children and call sinners to repentance. We must also give the gospel in love and recognize that many of these people were deprived of a loving home.

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Scriptures Referenced:

Psalm 10:2-4

Proverbs 16:18

Proverbs 31:26,28

Isaiah 14:12-14

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