Episode 239

RETRO 2009: Does the New Testament Command the Church to Tithe?

With family visiting and celebrating birthdays and no time to study to record a new episode, I dug up a recording from 2009, months after my wife and I were married.

At this time my father-in-law was leading a Bible study with the family and an older couple who would visit. I took two weeks to guest host it and teach on a topic I was studying at the time.

This was while the manuscript for my book Freedom To Give: The Biblical Truth About Tithing was in its infancy. The first week of this study covered the Old Testament passages about tithing. The second week covered mostly the New Testament passages.

I lost the recording for the first week. This episode is the second week. We recap some of what we talked about from the first week.

My conclusion is that most of what is taught as "tithing" today isn't what the Bible teaches, and that it doesn't teach that we are under any command to do this. The Bible does command us to give generously and cheerfully, but not according to mandatory "tithe" regimen.

Unfortunately, the audio quality is poor. I tried to amplify it and remove noise.