Episode 240

REWIND: Oneness and Critical Race Theory with Jamal Bandy

In this REWIND episode of Truthspresso I combine two episodes into one! This is my full interview with Jamal Bandy, the host of the Prescribed Truth podcast on the Christian Podcast Community.

Part 1: Jamal tells his story of how he was involved in an Apostolic Oneness church and how unexpected events led him to question what he was taught.

Jamal learns the truth about God as Trinity and that the Oneness teaching is wrong. He also learns that works don't save him and don't keep him saved, because the Father and the Son secure him.

Part 2: Jamal explains what "social justice" and "critical theory" are as elements of Marxist philosophy. The word "race" has been added to make "critical race theory" an issue of U.S. history.

Jamal gives some heartfelt and keen insights into misunderstood realities of both the present and the past that are often fuel for ethnic politics.

Follow Jamal Bandy's work:

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