Episode 220

No, Congresswoman Scholten, the Bible is not pro-Abortion!

Springboarding from our Christmas is pro-Life series, we jump into a recent bill from Congress on the outskirts of the abortion debate.

HR-26, also known as the "Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act" passed the House of Representatives with a 220-210 vote.

The bill is simple and seemingly minimally common sense, yet House Democrats shrieked against it like banshees.

For 100% pro-lifers, this bill is not even against abortion itself, but it's making the radically pro-abortion opponents reveal their true colors.

Newly elected Democrat Congresswoman Hillary Scholten claimed to be a "pro-choice Christian" and opposed the bill. She tried to quote Jeremiah 1:5 to support abortion, claiming that the womb belongs to the mother, not the government. Ironically, the bill itself only addresses babies once they are outside the womb.

We say, "No, No, Congresswoman Scholten, the Bible is not pro-Abortion!" Chelsea and I use Jeremiah 1:5 and other verses to show how God forms and values life inside the womb and outside.

Scriptures Cited:

Jeremiah 1:5; 7:31

Isaiah 44:24; 49:1,5

Job 31:15

Psalm 139:16a

Sources Consulted:

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