Episode 220

Christmas is Pro-Life (part 3)

Chelsea and I continue a series about the deeply Pro-Life message of the Christmas story.

The Jesus of the first Christmas clearly taught the value of human life as much as the Christmas story of His conception and birth was pro-life.

Did Jesus address abortion in particular during His earthly ministry? No, but that doesn't mean He wouldn't have if the question arose.

We observe some pro-life points from Jesus' ministry:

  1. Jesus affirmed the whole Tanakh. Anything pro-life there is what Jesus believed (Mat 5:17-18; Luk 24:44).
  2. Jesus taught that God cares for birds but that we are far more valuable than many birds (Mat 6:26; Luk 12:7).
  3. We are not to despise little children (Mat 18:10; 6).
  4. It is not God's will to kill little children (Mat 18:14).
  5. Little children are such that belong to the kingdom of heaven. We must have faith like they have (Mat 19:14; Luk 18:15-16).
  6. Jesus said that He came to bring life (Joh 6:33; 10:10). He came to give His life for others (Mat 20:28; Joh 10:11).
  7. Jesus said He came not to destroy lives but to save lives (Luk 9:56).
  8. Jesus equated doing good with saving life and doing evil with destroying life (Mar 3:4; Luk 6:9).

Sources Referenced:

Micaiah Bilger, "Satanic Temple Sues to Stop Abortion Bans, Claims Killing Babies is a Religious Right," LifeNews.com, January 6, 2023.

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